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Thinking Ahead

With a deep understanding of the needs of the modern Arab family for most residential projects, one question we always challenge our clients with is this: “How will the way you interact with

your home change in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?”

The nature of a home is that it is built to last, often for decades. As such, we realize that the function of the home will be ever-changing due to multiple factors, the most basic of which is the

number of family members living in the house at any given time.

With Slice House, our client (a small family comprised of two parents and their son) were looking to build a house that would not only serve them immediately but would also serve their son’s future needs. As such, we realized we would need to make room in the house for the idea that the son would be living there not only as a teenager, but also well into his adult years,

potentially moving in with his own family.

As such, we ensured a portion (a “slice,” if you will) of the house was fully dedicated to the son and his future family, with its own separate entrance and living quarters. In designing a triangular house that would progressively get narrower towards the tip, we knew we could split the house into a larger component for the parents, and a smaller quarter for the son.

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