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AD House

Located in Abu Dhabi, AD House is to be located on large plot relative to the home's footprint. Because of that, we knew we wanted to place the villa strategically, keeping in mind potential future expansion plans (ie. the client expressed interest in possibly building another house on the same property, or attaching an annex to the existing house). To further maximize privacy, we chose a strategic location guaranteeing the minimum possible exposure to the three surrounding neighbors.

To optimize privacy, we aimed to create as many conditions for the possibilities of exterior spaces as possible, creating three in the process. The first is a large programmed independent garden (to possibly be used as a site for a future house). The second is an extension of the formal living spaces on the ground floor framed by a Mashrabiya to guard against neighbors across the street. Finally, the most intimate condition is a small courtyard separating the guest suite from the formal areas.

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